Configure Windows Defender for AVR Web development

The Windows Defender's feature called "Controlled folder access" can cause problems trying to create Web sites with ASNA Visual RPG and Visual Studio. This article shows how to resolve this issue.

A guide to using CSS custom Properties

CSS custom properties are essentially variables you can declare in your CSS. They can dramatically reduce redundancy and increase flexibility in your CSS files. Except for IE 11, all of the major browsers now fully support CSS custom properties. Let's take a closer look.

Removing smart quotes and other characters from HTML input

When cutting and pasting data into Web pages, it's easy to paste smart quotes and other characters that won't later render well on IBM i green-screens. This article shows how to "cleanse" your HTML inputs before submitting them to the server.

Browsers and mobile clients supported for ASNA products

This page provides the current list of browsers supported by ASNA Wings, Mobile RPG, Monarch, Synon Escape, and BTerm.

How to create a dropdown list in Mobile RPG

This article discusses how to use the DDSList control to provide a dropdown element for a Mobile RPG record format.

Error: " CPF 1296 – Signon information required"

Receiving error: " CPF 1296 – Signon information required" when trying to sign into Wings or Mobile RPG application

Don't deploy ASP.NET applications with debug enabled!

Deploying an ASP.NET application with debug enabled is a very poor practice. It impedes performance and might show Internet bad guys error messages details they shouldn't see. This article reminds you how to disable debug mode and provides a warning reminding you that debugging is enabled.

Encontrar programadores de AVR

Ocasionalmente recibimos preguntas sobre dónde o cómo conseguir los programadores ASNA Visual RPG (AVR). Esa pregunta no tiene una única respuesta válida, pero hay algunas consideraciones y pensamientos para tal desafío.

ASNA Retired Product Version Policy

This document provides an archival listing of retired ASNA products.

Política de Versión de Producto ASNA

Esta página describe el producto soportado por ASNA actualmente y sus requisitos de plataforma.

Que facil es crear datos de test para el IBMi

Crear nuevas aplicaciones requiere de datos para test. Mockaroo hace esta tarea muy fácil ayudando al desarrollo y al testeo de la nueva aplicación.

Creating tabbed UIs for ASNA Visual RPG for .NET Web apps

This article shows how to create an HTML-based tabbed user interface for ASNA Visual RPG ASP.NET desktop and mobile applications.