Using AVR RPG arrays

Storing data in arrays is a key way to implement effective and efficient algorithms. This article series takes a look at the different ways you can use arrays in AVR for .NET. AVR for .NET substantially ramps up array capabilities over what AVR Classic offered, and it's worth spending some time to learn what's new.

How to program AVR for .NET with classes and OO techniques

Unlike AVR Classic or green-screen RPG, AVR for .NET is built on an object oriented foundation. In AVR for .NET (for the rest of this article "AVR" refers to AVR for .NET) classes define a "program boundary. This series of articles on how to use classes and OO techniques with AVR for .NET.

Learning to use regular expressions with ASNA Visual RPG

Regular expressions (regex) provide a pattern matching scheme you can use to search and, optionally manipulate, a string. Although regex has been around for almost 50 years, it is often either completely ignored or relegated to the "will learn later" pile by many programmers. Regex is indeed borderline witchcraft that at first glance looks like it was culled from the script of [Plan 9 from Outer Space] but these articles will you have using them with ASNA Visual RPG quickly!

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