ASNA announces game-changing Synon-based application migration

ASNA announces Synon Escape to address challenges by rationalizing the custom runtime to provide a readable, maintainable C# version of the application.

Current ASNA product versions

ASNA products are refreshed on a regular basis. This page shows the current products and their release dates, as well as platform requirements.


Having lived a long and fruitful life, V7R1 was laid to rest on April 30, 2018. V7R1 died peacefully in its sleep of natural causes.

How IBM i 7.1's end-of-service affects ASNA customers

IBM's V7R1 IBM i operating system reaches end-of-support on April 30th, 2018. This article explains what versions of DataGate you'll need when you upgrade.

Visit with ASNA at COMMON in San Antonio

ASNA will be at COMMON 2018 in San Antonio in May. Please look us up on Tuesday, May 22nd to say hello.

Using ASP.NET routing with AVR for .NET ASP.NET Web apps

ASP.NET's WebForms acquired a semantic, or "friendly", routing feature several years ago. Routing is built into .NET and works great with ASNA Visual RPG.