ASNA announces eNet Solutions as an ASNA reseller in Japan

eNet Solutions, based in Kanazawa-City, Ishikawa-Pre, Japan, is now an ASNA reseller. It specializes in IBM i application modernization with ASNA products.

Mitsunari Wataru signs on as an ASNA distributor

ASNA is very proud to announce that Mr. Mitsunari Wataru, based in Japan, is our first distributor in the Pacific Rim.

Backup is important, but restore is very important!

Backing up critical corporate assets is incredibly important. But don't assume your backup is working without checking its veracity on a regular basis.

Getting to know Take Two and its staff

Take Two, based in LaSalle, Manitoba, Canada (about 550 miles northwest of Rochester, Minnesota), has been an ASNA customer for 20 years. Take Two is a family-run company with two sisters, Deb and Donna Graboweski, at the helm. Let's get to know Take Two and its staff.

ASNA announces game-changing Synon-based application migration

ASNA announces Synon Escape to address challenges by rationalizing the custom runtime to provide a readable, maintainable C# version of the application.

Getting ready for GDPR

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in May. GDPR imposes several minor changes on our website.