Visit ASNA at COMMON and the RPG & DB2 Summit this fall!

ASNA will have booths at COMMON in Indianapolis, IN and at the RPG/DB2 Summit in Minneapolis, MN this fall. Please stop by our booth at one or both of these conferences to say, "Hello!"

ASNA announces ASNApalooza 2014 – San Antonio, TX

The 15th ASNApalooza, ASNA’s Developer Conference, will be held in San Antonio on October 20th and 21st this year. The conference hotel this year is the beautiful Hyatt Regency Riverwalk, centrally located on the bustling San Antonio Riverwalk. Attendees from across the US and Canada are expected as well as from Europe and South America.

IBM’s new Knowledge Center on the Web

Back in the mid-90s, I had a model D20 AS/400 in my basement. Living in northern Indiana with the cold winters they have there, that 400 was part-time computer and part-time space heater! I vividly remember the day I unpacked the documentation for that box. That 400 came with 800 pounds, no exaggeration here (the manuals were lifted out of the truck on a skid with a forklift!), of printed manuals and about 60 white “IBM” embossed three-ring binders, that I always assumed were inspired by the Beatles’ White Album. Which, in the early days, unlike the later bloodless, gutless printed version, only had “The Beatles” embossed on the front in white on a white background.

IBM rolls out Redbook mobile app

IBM recently rolled out a free mobile app for using IBM Redbooks. The app is available for Apple devices through the Apple App Store and Android devices through Google Play (search either store for “IBM Redbook”). Microsoft mobile devices are left out in the cold! Again.

Off-the-cuff predictions for 2014

IBM gave V5R4 a three-year stay of execution in the spring of 2013. If you haven’t yet moved off of V5R4, you’ve got until well into 2016 to do so. That said, do be aware by staying with V5R4 you’ll pay nearly a 60% premium in Software Maintenance (SWMA) over V6R1 or V7R1. The IT Jungle’s Timothy Prickett-Morgan provides a shorter, simpler explanation of the offer here. Alas, my prediction is that if a shop is using V5R4 in December 2013 there is a very high likelihood that shop will be using V5R4 in December of 2014. For many shops getting out of its IBM i comfort zone is quite challenging!

IBM grants V5R4 temporary stay of execution

As expected, IBM recently formally announced a three-year “Service Extension” for i5OS V5R4. Pushing out the service offering had been a “statement of direction.” Prior to this announcement, September 30, 2013 was slated to be the formal end of V5R4.