ASNA Presents 14th ASNApalooza Developer Conference

Barcelona, Spain and San Antonio, TX, May 6, 2013 – ASNA recently held its 14th ASNApalooza Developer Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Held at the beautiful Hoteles Catalonia, around the corner from the famous La Rambla and its living statues, ASNApalooza was host to more than 65 ASNA developers and business partners on April 15th and 16th.

Time flies!

Welcome to the January/February issue of the ASNA Newsletter. This issue features a story about the 14th Palooza, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, this spring; a technical article on arrays with AVR for .NET; a call to action for you to get active with Twitter; and lots of other news. Please also take a look at the social media survey included in this issue. We’d like to know how you’re using social media.

What? You aren’t using Twitter?

I am always stunned whenever computing professionals (from CTOs to programmers!) tell me that they aren’t on Twitter. They always say this as though the qualifications and costs for having a Twitter account are prohibitive. Twitter is free(!) and it takes about two minutes to create a Twitter account. There are many free Twitter clients for virtually all operating systems, but Twitter’s own browser-based client is fine for occasional Twitter use.

IBM Open Access is a no-charge part of IBM i!

IBM has an API called Open Access that dramatically empowers ILE RPG programs to communicate with resources and devices that aren’t natively supported by RPG. This API lets RPG file IO be intercepted transparently and redirected to an Open Access “handler.” ASNA Wings, our RPG UI modernization product, and the soon-to-be-released ASNA Mobile RPG, which enables smartphones and tables to connect directly to RPG applications, both depend on Open Access. From time-to-time we encounter a customer who has the wrong information about Open Access licensing. Let’s clear the air on that subject right now!

ASNA Announces Palooza 2013 in Barcelona, Spain

For the 14th time, the best of the best of ASNA customers, developers, and ISVs will meet at ASNApalooza to learn the latest tips and techniques for ASNA’s products, share ideas, and have some fun. The theme of this Palooza is, “RPG has never been so powerful.” ASNApalooza #14 will be held at the Hoteles Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain on April 15th and 16th, 2013.

ASNA US gets new Director of Sales and Services

ASNA US is proud to announce that Rick Barron is now the US Director of Sales and Services for ASNA. Rick Barron leads the ASNA US sales and services teams.