Investigating (and avoiding) IBM i spurious jobs with AVR

Careless database connection handling in your Visual RPG for .NET code can lead to spurious jobs on your IBM i. Especially for Visual RPG Web ASP.NET Web apps, the presence of these jobs are a symptom of a performance-sucking issue.

How to determine ASNA product versions

Using Windows' Programs and Features, available through the Control Panel, is the best way to show what ASNA products and versions you have installed on your PC

Version 16.x brings a DataGate for IBM i licensing change

ASNA DataGate for IBM i 16.x introduces a license registration change. This article explains that change.

ASNA product update info/advice

Keeping your ASNA products current is critical to the reliability and stability of your mission-critical application. This article provides some information and a little advice for keeping your ASNA products upgraded.

DataGate for IBM i quick reference (moved)

This article provides a compendium of DataGate for IBM i technical articles. These articles cover DataGate installation, configuration, and explanations. New articles are added to this list frequently so check it often for new and additional information.

Can I clear the DG8_VCAT72 library

Can I clear the DG8_VCAT72 library on the IBM i?