Letter from the President

As many of you know, we just wrapped up our annual ASNApalooza and we really had a great one this year! We were able to reconnect with the many customers and ISVs who attended. It was great to see them all and hear how they are using ASNA products to build great software.

Palooza 2012 featured two days of tracks, plus three hands-on labs, covering a wide variety of technical topics. Attendees were also provided with two great keynote presentations. Kyle Pippin, Lead Consultant of Application Development for the Denim Group of San Antonio, presented a very informative Web security keynote. He nearly had attendees leaving their luncheon seats to make paranoid calls to the office! ASNA’s own Eduardo Ross also presented a great keynote about ASNA’s direction for mobile development. Both Kyle and Eduardo’s keynotes got very high marks from attendees. The hands-on labs were also a big hit.

Our customers really are the best. We appreciate the enthusiasm, energy, and talent that all of you bring to Palooza and are very proud to play a role in your software development success stories. We are very grateful for those of you that were able to take the time out of your busy schedules to attend.

Watch for upcoming info on ASNApalooza 2013 to be held in Barcelona, Spain. If you think the River Walk in San Antonio is great, wait until you see Las Ramblas in Barcelona.


Anne Ferguson

Heard at Palooza…

Palooza this year was my kind of conference. Sessions were to the point and timely, full of useful tips and techniques which I am using already.  ASNA’s people were warm and engaging and the keynote sessions on security and mobile were eye-opening.  And, ASNA always throws an exceptional party casting everyone in a setting for open discussion while watching San Antonio’s River Walk Fiesta.

Ralph Smith – RSI, Inc

ASNAPalooza 2012 was really great! I learned quite a bit that I could apply right away. The hands-on labs were fun and very informative – the labs tips alone were worth the price of admission!

Harry Gross – Four Winds Hospital

ASNApalooza was very thought-provoking and helpful this year! There was an excellent range of speakers who inspired us with an extensive blend of presentations, labs, good ideas and great tech tips – made me want to get back and dive right in!

Brian Williams – Landstar

This was another great Palooza for me. I learned numerous new tips and tricks. In addition the labs were great and the keynote speakers were fabulous.

Steve Stenglein – US Warranty

This year’s Palooza was the catalyst we needed as a software company to move forward and deep dive into .NET development. The hands on-labs provided my development team with invaluable tips and guidance. 2012 Palooza was the best!

Dave McIntyre – CTO Cforia Software

ASNA announces new cities for our Wings hands-on workshops tour

ASNA announces new cities for the free ASNA Wings hands-on workshops. We have added workshops in Tempe/Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA areas in the Fall. The dates will be announced soon.  In these workshops ASNA’s Roger Pence will show how to use ASNA Wings to modernize RPG green-screen user interfaces. These workshops follow several previous, very successful, hands-on workshops in Ft. Lauderdale. FL, Las Vegas, NV and Dallas, TX.

ASNA Wings is a revolutionary new product that modernizes IBM i RPG character-based user interfaces. Wings is a member of the ASNA Monarch family of RPG modernization products. Using IBM’s Open Access RPG Edition, all RPG programming logic and file IO remains on the IBM i. ASNA Wings converts green screens into browser-based replacements.

In these fast-paced, hands-on workshops, Roger explains IBM’s Open Access, Wings’ architecture, and then shows how to use Wings. He’ll also show how to add vital enhancements to the presentation layer- without needing to change or retest your server-side RPG logic. He’ll also discuss the business reasons for application modernization and how Wings fits into your long-term application migration strategy.

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Tech Tip - Protecting your AVR ASP.NET apps against script injection

JavaScript injection is a way Internet ner-do-wells attempt to highjack control of your Website. The simple premise is that on any input field, hackers try to inject JavaScript via your text box. At first, generally, the hacker injects something simple like a JavaScript alert()–the JavaScript equivalent of a message box. If that simple attempt is successful (the hacker could easily tell by the alert()’s dialog being displayed) then the hacker keeps trying more sophisticated JavaScript injections. The hacker may attempt to, among many other things, change hidden field values and repost the page, highjack or write nefarious cookie values, or inject JavaScript for phishing attacks.

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Case Study: ASNA Visual RPG paves the path to .NET for Management Control

By Thomas M. Stockwell

When Management Control, Inc. in Alexander, Alabama decided to distribute its payroll processing services directly to clients, the company knew it could crack several significant bottlenecks. It could speed data entry and lower costs while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and thru-put. But as alluring as these goals might be, Management Control faced a number of significant hurdles. Click below to find out how Management Control used ASNA Visual RPG to overcome those hurdles.

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