ASNA recently announced ASNA Mobile RPG (MR). MR is ASNA’s new product and aims to dramatically lower the learning curve for creating mobile applications for use with smartphones and tablets.

After creating a mobile UI with MR’s mobile UI designer, that UI is compiled on the IBM i as a display file. An RPG programmer then writes a traditional RPG program against that display file. For compile time purposes, the RPG program uses that traditional display file; but at runtime the RPG program uses the MR-created mobile UI.

Developers can use PDM or Rational’s Development Studio for i for their RPG coding. The edit/compile/debug cycle with MR remains virtually unchanged from the edit/compile/debug cycle for traditional RPG applications.

As with ASNA Wings, IBM’s Open Access API is the underlying IBM i enabler. It’s Open Access that redirects the RPG display file data stream to the Mobile RPG mobile UI.

Because it uses Open Access, MR requires V6R1 or higher. MR’s mobile presentation layer is hosted on a Windows Web server. The need to write any JavaScript, CSS, or HTML is abstracted away by the mobile controls that MR’s mobile UI designer provides. It includes all the goodies you need for a great mobile app, such as maps, images, graphs, buttons, lists, navigation bars, and input fields.

ASNA Mobile RPG ships in the first quarter of 2013.

ASNA will have a big focus on mobile computing for 2013. To get a much broader overview of our general mobile strategy, please read our mobile whitepaper.