It’s been another great year at ASNA and we thank you very much for being an ASNA customer. Your business is very important to us and we greatly appreciate your trust and confidence in us. We have several exciting things planned for 2014 and are very excited for what the new year will bring. One of the most exciting things that will appear early in the year is our spanking-new Website. We’ve got terrific talent working very hard to ensure it provides a great experience for you. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this!
IBM gave V5R4 a three-year stay of execution in the spring of 2013. If you haven’t yet moved off of V5R4, you’ve got until well into 2016 to do so. That said, do be aware by staying with V5R4 you’ll pay nearly a 60% premium in Software Maintenance (SWMA) over V6R1 or V7R1. The IT Jungle’s Timothy Prickett-Morgan provides a shorter, simpler explanation of the offer here. Alas, my prediction is that if a shop is using V5R4 in December 2013 there is a very high likelihood that shop will be using V5R4 in December of 2014. For many shops getting out of its IBM i comfort zone is quite challenging!
The question, “How can I FTP a binary file with AVR for .NET” has come up a time or two in tech support lately. Here is a quick and easy response to that question. As you’ll see, uploading a file with FTP with AVR for .NET is pretty simple.
These free 60-minute Webcasts show you how to create great mobile applications with ASNA Mobile RPG and how to provide a great browser-based user interface for your existing RPG programs with ASNA Wings. To register or read more about these Webcasts, please check our most recent Webcast schedule posted on our global events listing Web page.
ASNA Mobile RPG is a product that empowers RPG programmers to create great mobile apps for smartphones and tablets using no other programming language but RPG. There is no need for JavaScript, HTML, Objective C, Java, PHP, or any of the other languages typically used for mobile development. One of the hallmarks of great mobile applications is that they are able to exploit the capabilities of mobile devices. Mobile users expect features such as text messaging, telephone integration, image support (both display and upload) and GEO location capabilities to be intrinsically available.
With the advent of IBM i Technical Refresh 7 (TR7) earlier this month, IBM announced the first substantial changes to the IBM i’s RPG compiler in nearly 14 years. With TR7, ILE RPG acquired free-format for all specification types except I and O specs (which have all but been deprecated in ILE RPG anyway).