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A good disassembler/assembly browser is a great tool to have in your .NET toolbox. You can use it to confirm version dependencies, prove the visibility of members in a class, examine compiler-generated code, and better understand inheritance hierarchies. I’ve used a disassembler several times to prove that a member isn’t public–contrary to the programmer’s insistence otherwise. As you can see by the source code produced, unless you are very desperate, that source isn’t going to be good for much.
ASNA’s free 60-minute Webcasts are a great way to learn about ASNA’s products and their capabilities and features. The currently scheduled Webcasts for June are listed below. We often add additional dates and times. Please check our Webcast home page for the latest Webcast schedules.
As expected, IBM recently formally announced a three-year “Service Extension” for i5OS V5R4. Pushing out the service offering had been a “statement of direction.” Prior to this announcement, September 30, 2013 was slated to be the formal end of V5R4.
Virtually all AVR for .NET applications use a DataGate database name to connect to the application’s database server. This article shows how to soft-code a database name in either a Windows or ASP.NET application. In either case, the .NET assembly, System.Configuration, is used for fetching the soft-coded database name. We’ll look at soft-coding a DataGate database name in an ASP.NET application. However, except for the name of the configuration file, the technique is the same for Windows and ASP.NET.
Aimed at beginner-to-intermediate developers, ASNA’s Visual RPG Web class teaches how to use ASNA Visual RPG to create browser-based applications for deployment to the Internet or your local intranet. This class assumes that students know RPG, but otherwise the class teaches browser-based development from the ground up. ASNA’s Tim Daniels is the instructor for these courses.