From an email we received the other day: *I am converting an old AVR Classic Windows app to an AVR for .NET Windows app. The app has several special-case areas and third-party controls that make it a candidate for this manual rewrite instead of trying to automate the process with the ASNA Upgrade Assistant.* *The AVR Classic app has, as we did as a general best practice back in the old days, a zillion global variables. As I rewrite the AVR for .NET app, I am doing my best to minimize the number of global variables required, but I am finding that no matter what, I am still going to need several in the new version of the program. In AVR Classic, anything we put in the startup form (or VRP) was global to the project; I can’t find anything that provides this global-to-the-project functionality in AVR for .NET. Am I missing something?* *Thank you very much,* *Hunting for global variables*
Back in the mid-90s, I had a model D20 AS/400 in my basement. Living in northern Indiana with the cold winters they have there, that 400 was part-time computer and part-time space heater! I vividly remember the day I unpacked the documentation for that box. That 400 came with 800 pounds, no exaggeration here (the manuals were lifted out of the truck on a skid with a forklift!), of printed manuals and about 60 white “IBM” embossed three-ring binders, that I always assumed were inspired by the Beatles’ White Album. Which, in the early days, unlike the later bloodless, gutless printed version, only had “The Beatles” embossed on the front in white on a white background.
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IBM recently rolled out a free mobile app for using IBM Redbooks. The app is available for Apple devices through the Apple App Store and Android devices through Google Play (search either store for “IBM Redbook”). Microsoft mobile devices are left out in the cold! Again.