An ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) Windows/Web class has been announced for December 1-5, 2014 to take place in the ASNA US classroom. 

This class is aimed at beginner-to-intermediate programmers. This class assumes that students know RPG but no knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) is assumed—the class otherwise starts from scratch. However, any experience that you have with Visual Studio in VB.NET or C#, or experience with the IBM Rational Developer products or even Eclipse, will be very helpful. After attending this class you’ll have the knowledge it takes to start building applications with ASNA Visual RPG.

The course is taught in two blocks. In the first block the student will learn the fundamentals of Visual Studio, ASNA Visual RPG and .NET application design and development. The second block focuses on basic concepts of developing user interfaces with ASP.NET Web forms and ASP.NET Windows forms.

The class spends time discussing application construction and techniques that implement a separation of data, business and presentation layer logic in your applications. To illustrate these points, you’ll build service-based components for an application and then consume them with both a Windows and a browser-based user interface.

Read more about, and/or register for, this class here.