The 15th ASNApalooza, ASNA's Developer Conference, was held at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk on October 20th and 21st. Despite media-driven travel paranoia (threats of infectious diseases and terrorism permeated the airwaves around Palooza time) 65 ASNA developers from the US, Canada, and Spain put their tray tables in their upright and locked positions and flew to San Antonio to participate in ASNApalooza 2014. Thank you very much to all who attended ASNApalooza 2014 and helped make it such a roaring success! 

I've been a part of Palooza since the first one in 1999 and this one was one of our best ever. We had an excited, motivated group of attendees and we had many great conversations with our customers. The entertainment at the traditional ASNApalooza reception was the best ever!
Carlos Valero, CEO of ASNA

ASNA's Tim Daniels, John Nickell, Roger Pence, and Eduardo Ross provided attendees with two days' worth of their best technical material. The topics covered included mobile development, modern Web development and design, deployment and testing techniques, and various other nerdy topics. The collateral for ASNApalooza sessions is available online. Palooza provided a basketful of coding goodies. Be sure not to miss these Palooza nuggets:

The King is in the building!

While Palooza is all about learning, networking, and sharing, it also features a little fun. The entertainment at this year's ASNApalooza was the supremely talented Elvis impersonator, Forrest Forbus. When not impersonating Elvis, Forrest is also an ASNA customer at Management Controls, Inc. in Alexander City, Alabama. It was a great treat to welcome Elvis at our reception and then at the end surprise attendees with the fact that Elvis is one of their own! 

Forrest Forbus is The King!

At most US Paloozas, we celebrate ASNA's Texas roots with entertainment at the ASNApalooza cocktail reception with Texas/southwest-centric music. El Mariachi bands have often been our go-to for Palooza entertainment. This year we threw caution to the wind and brought in the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. 

We are very proud of our ASNA community. Our customers are the best folks in the world! At ASNApalooza this year, we tapped a previously unused resource, our very own Forrest Forbus! Forrest is an AVR coder at Management Controls Inc, in Alexander City, Alabama.  We've all known Forrest for many years and none of us were aware of one of his special talents: He does a killer Elvis. Having heard through the grapevine about this, we asked Forrest if he could bring The King alive for us at ASNApalooza. So, on a night in October, with a great rooftop view of the historic Alamo, Forrest/Elvis performed his heart out for us. The next day, Forrest was back being Forrest attending Palooza sessions. If you ever get a chance to see Forrest do Elvis, jump on it. You won't be able to stop smiling! Thank you very much, Forrest. Your efforts really capped off this special Palooza! 

Forrest's daughter is in the military in San Antonio and she, and some of her military friends, were among our honored guests at our cocktail reception. It was very cool seeing Elvis singing to his daughter. As an aside, with Veteran's Day not too long ago, we tip our hats to service people around the world protecting freedom and peace.  

ASNApalooza 2014, once again, great! I had fun, learned new skills, and reinforced current skills. It was great seeing all my old friends and refreshing my ASNA horizons once again in San Antonio.
John Hennessy, ASNA developer at US Warranty in Pompano, Florida

Some of the faces of ASNApalooza 2014