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Windows Server 2016 became generally available in October, 2016. Here is the latest on ASNA product support for Windows Server 2016.
When the software you have is working, it's easy to fall behind in updating products and product maintenance, but falling behind puts you at risk for business disruption.
The Windows 10 #1607 Anniversary Update is known to corrupt ASNA licensing. Plan your Windows 10 update carefully to ensure non-disruptive ASNA product use.
Rob Conery's book enlightens self-taught programmers about overlooked concepts and techniques. The core ethos of The Imposter's Handbook is: Be an explorer. Push the edges. Find out what's possible. Dig deeper. Don't stop learning. For these reasons, and many more for imposters and non-imposters stuck in their ways, get this book!
Working with dates is something many RPG programs do extensively. In the old days of AVR Classic, we used to have to use lots of data structures and other special-case code to format dates, convert dates. It was also quite challenging to do date arithmetic and perform other sophisticated date manipulations. This article shows how AVR for .NET's *Date, *Time, and *TimeStamp data types help resolve these issues.