Windows 10 goes out of its way to hide the Visual Studio command prompt. This article shows a quick tip on how to quickly fix that problem.
ASNA products are refreshed on a regular basis. This article shows the current products and their release dates, as well as platform requirements.
ASNA frequently has special events and Webcasts scheduled. This article shows the currently scheduled events for fall, 2016.
MightyDeals ( is a discount Website that primarily appeals to developers and designers. While many of its deals are way less than mighty, there is the occasionally truly mighty deal. The educational deals are especially worth watching for.
Version 15.0 of ASNA DataGate for SQL Server (DSS) will support Microsoft SQL Server 2016. DSS 15.0 will ship in 4Q2016.
Json is a data interchange format. It is especially popular for transmitting data between a browser client and a Web server, but is also often used for other things such as configuration files (Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text for example) and even database storage (such as MongoDB). This article takes a look at reading and writing Json with ASNA Visual RPG (AVR).