In many conversations with IBM i customers and prospects, we see several trends emerging for in-house development teams:

  1. Many team members are retiring (or planning to soon). Many RPG programmers are either making final-stage retirement plans or will be soon (or, in some cases, have already retired!). This is often a huge blow to IBM i shops for whom these team's members don't just provide programming skills but are also most familiar with the low-level details of your otherwise undocumented IBM i applications.
  2. Teams are just plain busy. Thanks to shrinking teams, more demands than ever, and increasing task complexity, IBM i programmers are so backlogged that their to-do list only grows.
  3. Many teams lack advanced/mobile development. Because they are so busy, many RPG teams haven't expanded their horizons enough to help with modern application needs such as mobile projects, building Web services, or taking the power of your Web site to the next level.

The ASNA Services Team to the rescue

For these reasons, and many others, more IBM i shops than ever need programming help. To help resolve these issues, we've recently expanded the ASNA Services Team's offerings. ASNA's Services Team is highly qualified for both IBM i and Microsoft .NET projects. Our team can help with any aspect of your project from design to deployment, and all parts in between. Some of our programming services include:

  • New application development in C#, ASNA Visual RPG, or even ILE RPG.
  • Ongoing application maintenance and enhancements. Lost your AVR Classic team or your green-screen RPG team? We can help you keep your old legacy AVR Classic/RPG apps maintained and available.
  • Application refactoring and rewriting. If your old apps are rapidly timing out, we can help rewrite or migrate them in a variety of ways.

Beyond our more traditional application development services, our team also provides services such as:

  • Azure cloud deployment and configuration
  • Microsoft IIS configuration and deployment
  • Virtual machine configuration
  • Mentoring and training
  • IBM i networking


  • Rich and deep experience. Our team has broad and deep custom application development experience for the IBM i and .NET platforms. Our team does RPG, Windows, Web, and mobile development and delivers on time and on budget.

  • Team collaboration. We can work with your team collaboratively to create new applications or migrate and enhance your existing ASNA Visual RPG Classic or IBM i application.

  • Project management. Each ASNA Services Team project has a full-time project manager assigned to keep our teams synchronized and informed.

  • Great tools. Beyond being familiar with native IBM i and .NET tools, the ASNA services team has the full complement of ASNA’s .NET suite available which targets, among others, IBM i application modernization, mobile development, application migration, and custom Web work.

  • Training and mentoring. ASNA has extensive training and mentoring services available for your team. We can prepare your team for the exciting development challenges of the 21st century.

Contact us today to help with your application maintenance or development challenge. ASNA can help!

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