Microsoft Edge, the basket into which MS put all of its browser eggs, is now slated for "endangered species" status. In early December, several news organizations posted articles about an upcoming MS announcement that MS is moving to a Chromium-based browser for Windows 10.
Can you believe that 2018 is nearly in the can? Here is a potpourri of productivity software and videos that I added to my daily workflows in 2018.
ASNA wishes you and your family the very best this holiday season. We do greatly appreciate your business and look forward to working with you on your IBM i projects in 2019. Thank you very much for being an ASNA customer!
We've worked with several AVR Classic customers lately helping them resolve challenges with their legacy Classic apps. During this work, we've come to the opinion that integrating AVR for .NET with AVR Classic is not only a great way to solve AVR Classic-imposed challenges and limitations, but it's also a way to start replacing parts of your AVR Classic applications with AVR for .NET. Many AVR Classic applications are quite large and complex and rewriting them from the ground up isn't doable--at least quickly. But over time, incrementally replacing parts of them with AVR for .NET may be the key to clawing your way out of COM prison. This article provides the keys for integrating AVR for .NET with AVR Classic.
We know that planning for AVR upgrades isn't a fun thing to put on your to-do list. ASNA has made a substantial investment in AVR 5.0 and this version buys time for your AVR Classic applications. Old AVR Classic code would probably run forever on the environments for which it was intended. But those environments (primarily Windows XP) are no longer in service. To ensure your AVR Classic apps work appropriately on newer versions of Windows an AVR 5.0, upgrading is a must.
When cutting and pasting data into Web pages, it's easy to paste smart quotes and other characters that won't later render well on IBM i green-screens. This article shows how to "cleanse" your HTML inputs before submitting them to the server.