ASNA will be at COMMON 2018 in San Antonio in May. Two ASNA salespeople, Phillip Hinojosa and Clinton Threlkeld, are attending sessions and several of the formal activities. Phillip, Clinton, and ASNA's CEO and President, Carlos Valero, and ASNA product specialist, Roger Pence, will also be on hand at the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk on Tuesday, May 22nd from about 6 to 8pm.

If you'll be at COMMON, we'd love to visit and hear about the projects you're working on. Please let us know if you think you'll be on the Riverwalk, on Tuesday evening. Email us at or give Phillip or Clinton a call. This isn't a formal RSVP, we're just trying to get an idea about how big of a table we need and how many Margaritas to have available! See you on the Riverwalk at COMMON!