Visual Studio 2017 is now about 15 months old and it still continues to cause the ASNA R&D team a considerable amount of grief. There have been many VS 2017 version updates since the product's introduction and some of them have introduced breaking changes to VS 2017 interface to third-party products. The R&D team has, to say the least, been very busy keeping up with Visual Studio 2017.

ASNA products have ongoing tests against the latest versions of Visual Studio 2017. So far, we've been able to make our products backward compatible with Visual Studio 2017 versions back as far as Version 15.3 (which came out in August 2017). That said, we only test against the latest VS 2017 version. We strongly recommend you keep your version of Visual Studio 2017 current. Of course, as often as things in the Visual Studio world change, consider checking with our Tech Support team before upgrading just in case any gotchas have popped up.

Run for cover, here comes Visual Studio 2019!

As if keeping up with Visual Studio 2017 isn't enough, Microsoft has begun to officially talk about Visual Studio 2019. There is no official word yet on delivery dates.

With Microsoft's recent acquisition of GitHub, it will be interesting to see how Visual Studio's source control features evolve in a world where Team Foundation starts to take an official back seat to GitHub. Stay tuned for the excitement!