The DDSList is a frequently-used user interface control for Mobile RPG. It has four distinct “personalities”:

  1. A navigation list (which provides a scrolling list with lots of options).
  2. A radiobutton list (which provides a radiobutton list that accepts multiple choices).
  3. A checkbox list (which provides a checkbox list that accepts one choice).
  4. A dropdown list (which provides a single-select dropdown)

This article discusses how to use the DDSList control to provide a dropdown element for a Mobile RPG record format. When rendered this way, the runtime HTML is a select tag with option tags for each item in the dropdown list. This article’s example code is shown below in Figure 1a. When the OK button is clicked the selected value of the dropdown is shown in the textbox just above the OK button.

Figure 1a. The DDSList rendered as a dropdown (select tag)

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