A customer reported a frustrating challenge with a Monarch application (Monarch is ASNA's analytical/migration suite that transforms green-screen RPG into C# or AVR with a Web-based user interface). This challenge could also be present in ASNA Wings, Mobile RPG, and Visual RPG Web apps.

The customer's Monarch app had a screen with several multi-line textboxes (which render as HTML textarea tags). These text areas are used to record notes about customer discussions. The challenge was that some users were cutting and pasting their notes from a Word document into the text areas. Many times, when they did this, the pasted text included "smart quotes", as shown in Figure 1a below:

Figure 1a. Text with smart quotes

This data gets successfully written to files in the IBM i's DB2 database; the problem occurs when it's fetched later and displayed later. On a traditional green-screen. The least that can happen is that the characters can't be displayed and IBM i substitutes question marks for offending characters, as shown below in Figure 1b.

Figure 1b. Incorrectly rendered text with smart quote

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