Another article in this newsletter discusses Windows 7's upcoming January 2020 end-of-service date. This article isn't about that--it's about keeping your Windows 7 PCs and Windows 2008 Servers secure between now and next January (when Windows 7 support ends!). There is an upcoming Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 update and if it is not applied these PCs and servers are not able to receive critical Windows updates.

Early March, Microsoft rolls out the "Stand Alone" update wich updates Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008's SHA-1 and SHA-2 hash algorithms. These algorithms ensure Windows updates are genuine before applying them. If these algorithms aren't updated, the PC cannot apply updates. The Microsoft document linked to also discusses stand alone updates (scheduled for later this year) for other versions of Windows desktops and servers. This ZNet article also provides more information.

These are critical updates; make sure your PC administrator is aware of them!