ASNA Mobile RPG (MR) enables RPG programmers to create very effective IBM i mobile smartphone applications with ILE RPG. MR includes many user interface controls. For example, with MR you can easily:

  • Render an interactive Google map
  • Show a drill-down data chart control (with bar and pie charts)
  • Provide buttons, labels and read/write input fields
  • Determine the user's current GEO location
  • Read barcodes with phone camera
  • Upload pictures taken with phone camera
  • Display images
  • Show data in lists with one or more columns
  • Upload and download binary files (such as PDFs) to the IBM i IFS
  • Capture a user signature and save it as a JPG file to the IBM i IFS

These controls are all driven by setting property values that govern their behavior. This article takes a look at the signature capture control (DdsSignature) and shows how it works.

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