ASNA has many products that support many platforms. We have a couple of documents available on our Web site that can help you understand what's available, what's current, what's retired, and what each product requires.
Here are three interesting productivity/knowledge enhancers to help your get your daily work done efficiently.
Although ASNA Visual RPG for .NET works with Microsoft's masked input control, that control's behavior is a little finicky and it's most effective with fixed-size inputs only (eg, a US social security number). It doesn't work well for entering numeric values of varying lengths. This article shows how to fix that.
Microsoft has a well-kept secret available called the Microsoft Action Pack. This article explains the Microsoft Action Pack and provides the links you need to enroll.
Not only do AVR for .NET shared class members generate a lot of questions for us in ASNA tech support, but their misuse causes AVR for .NET programmers' grief and consternation. This article explains exactly what shared members are and when to use them.
SQL Server is a robust and reliable database. But disaster can strike and one thing to watch for is its "Recovery Pending" error message. This article sheds a little light on this error and provides a few tips for getting it resolved.