Web programming is hard. External things (networking and security configurations), programming errors, application complexity, it-works-here-not-there issues... there are just a ton of things that can go wrong.

Because of all of these complexities, it's possible to spin your wheels looking for what you think is a DataGate issue only to find out that the issue isn't DataGate-related, but rather the error caused by some other extenuating circumstance unrelated to ASNA products.

To help troubleshoot ASNA Web applications (for Wings, Mobile RPG, or ASNA Visual RPG) we've created a single-page ASPX that you can drop into your Web site that quickly tells you if DataGate is working for your site.

If DataGate is working, the page displays this information:

If the DataGate test page shows success, you know you need to look elsewhere for the root of your issue.

And if DataGate isn't working, an informative error message is displayed:

Read the full technical article on ASNA.com.