IBM has an API called Open Access that dramatically empowers ILE RPG programs to communicate with resources and devices that aren’t natively supported by RPG. This API lets RPG file IO be intercepted transparently and redirected to an Open Access “handler.” ASNA Wings, our RPG UI modernization product, and the soon-to-be-released ASNA Mobile RPG, which enables smartphones and tables to connect directly to RPG applications, both depend on Open Access. From time-to-time we encounter a customer who has the wrong information about Open Access licensing. Let’s clear the air on that subject right now!
On February 5th, 2013, IBM announced Technology Refresh 6 for IBM i V7R1. Recall that with the 2010 release of V7R1, IBM announced that there would no longer be a two year (approximately) release schedule for major versions of the IBM i OS. Seems some customers were experiencing version fatigue and expressed frustration at a new OS every two years (or so). So, in answer to the problem, IBM is using a more “out of band” approach where OS enhancements are now made available by “Technology Refreshes.”
Welcome to another edition of the ASNA Newsletter. In the time-honored edition of year-end double issues, we are excited to present this double issue including the contents for the November/December issue. We’ll be back on a monthly basis starting in January.
Ever hear the phrase, “Don’t reinvent the wheel?” That little phrase is one of several principles that guide writing good code. Given the vast richness of the .NET Framework, I’ve learned this lesson many times over. I can’t even count how many times I’ve written what I thought was great piece of code only to show it to someone and then be told, “You know the .NET Framework provides that already, right?” Doh.
With the release of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, we’ve gotten the question several times, “Do ASNA products run on tablets?” When the question is asked, we’re not sure if the question is specifically about the MS Surface tablet or if the release of the MS Surface simply put tablets back on everyone’s radar.
ASNA US is proud to announce that Rick Barron is now the US Director of Sales and Services for ASNA. Rick Barron leads the ASNA US sales and services teams.