Current ASNA product versions - July 2018

ASNA products are refreshed on a regular basis. This page shows the current products and their release dates, as well as platform requirements.

Best practices for IBM i job management with AVR web apps

ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) and .NET's ASP.NET make great partners for creating enterprise-ready IBM i websites. Correctly managing IBM i jobs is a very important task with these websites. Paying attention to just a few details can ensure the most performant, minimal number of IBM i jobs for your AVR website.

A new home for ASNA's documentation and downloads

ASNA finally put its old docs/downloads site,, to rest earlier this summer. That old site served us well, but it had evolved into a legacy code nightmare for us.

Visual Studio 2017 and its many versions

Visual Studio 2017 is now about 15 months old and it still continues to cause the ASNA R&D team a considerable amount of grief. There have been five VS 2017 updates between May 7, 2018 and July 10, 2018. Some of the updates have introduced breaking changes to VS 2017 and its interface to third-party products. The R&D team has, to say the least, been very busy keeping up with Visual Studio 2017.

Google Chrome calls out insecure sites

Effective with Chrome version 68 (which is probably out by the time you read this), sites not using HTTPS are branded as "Not secure."

ASNA announces game-changing Synon-based application migration

ASNA announces Synon Escape to address challenges by rationalizing the custom runtime to provide a readable, maintainable C# version of the application.