Making .NET's command line available inside Visual Studio

The .NET command line is probably not used very frequently by AVR for .NET coders. But for those needing to achieve AVR for .NET to AVR Classic interoperability, it's a necessity. This article shows how to configure Visual Studio for easy .NET command line access.

ASNA Synon Escape migrates and refactors Synon apps to C#

ASNA Synon Escape, the latest member of ASNA's family of IBM i RPG application migration suites, migrates and refactors Synon/Cool:2E/CA 2E apps to C#. This lets Synon shops ensure a solid future for their core enterprise application without Synon or RPG dependencies. Synon Escape exploits the Synon Model and Synon runtime to provide a readable, refactored, and maintainable C# version of the application.

MPL uses ASNA Wings to improve AS/400 operator productivity

Mediterranean Cleaning Products (MPL) is a 14-year-old company headquartered in in Valencia, Spain. MPL selected ASNA Wings to modernize its RPG application. Read how ASNA and Galilea IT helped them improve productivity and increase user productivity with Wings.

How to create a dropdown list in Mobile RPG

Mobile RPG's DDSList has four distinct personalities. This article discusses how to use the DDSList control to provide a dropdown element for a Mobile RPG record format.

Easy access to after-hours ASNA product licensing!

ASNA Pronto is a service that offers self-service, after-hours, emergency ASNA product license keys to customers. The Pronto service,, is hosted, separately from (to ensure a separation of concerns), in Microsoft Azure. To get a license key, registered ASNA customers login to Pronto, select the product they are licensing, and a valid license is immediately emailed to them.

Working with the ASP.NET ListView, row and column clicks

The ListView is a worthy alternative to the GridView control. With the ListView control, you are 100% in charge of the markup produced. This makes the ListView much better suited to pages where you need complete control over the markup, such as when you're using a CSS framework like BootStrap. However, the ListView's model for determining row clicks is quite different from the GridView. This article shows how to determine what row and column got clicked with the ListView.