ASNA international is proud to announce that it is now an official reseller of IBM’s Rational Open Access RPG Edition. By reselling Open Access, ASNA makes it much easier for customers to acquire the product.

Open Access, which was released by IBM in the spring of 2010, is perhaps the most fundamental change that IBM has made to the IBM i platform since it was introduced. Open Access provides an i5 API that enables ILE RPG programs to redirect file IO to third-party “handlers.” Since February of 2011, ASNA has been shipping its Open Access-based product ASNA Wings. Wings provides a browser-based alternative to the IBM i’s traditional character-based green-screen user interface. With Wings and Open Access, the ILE RPG logic and file IO remains on the IBM i but you get the benefits of a dramatically improved user interface. Wings lets you selectively modernize your display files; the display files you choose not to modernize are rendered with the ASNA 5250 emulator which is built into Wings.

Despite the power and importance of Open Access, its distribution and availability from IBM has been a sore point for many. Regarding the marketing and availability of Open Access, IBM i journalist Dan Burger says in the July 25, 2011 issue of “The Four Hundred” newsletter, “For a corporation that markets the heck out of “Smarter Planet,” how can they be so dumb?”

Says ASNA International President Carlos Valero, “It is true that initially IBM was a little clumsy with the marketing and distribution of Open Access. But by making ASNA an Open Access reseller, IBM is resolving the problem in the best way possible. Now, all a customer needs to do to get Open Access is give us a call! We are the one-stop shop for acquiring Open Access and getting Wings, the best Open Access-based product on the market!”

Another source of Open Access friction for potential customers is that IBM doesn’t make trial copies of Open Access available. According to the IBM party line, you have to buy Open Access to try it. To resolve this issue, ASNA has a test bed IBM i with the latest version of Open Access installed ready for customers to use remotely to give Open Access and Wings a test drive. Valero continues, “Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to understand and appreciate the power of Open Access with ASNA Wings. We think that once you experience Wings with your programs you will be impressed very quickly. We are invested in your success at ASNA and we are here to do what it takes to make improving your IBM i applications as easy as possible.”

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In its fourth decade as a market leader and innovator for IBM midrange systems, ASNA provides comprehensive and flexible solutions for modernizing IBM i applications to the Microsoft .NET platform.

ASNA enables companies to integrate and extend their RPG green screen solutions to .NET, the Web and Mobile, while preserving investments in IT and human resources. Our solutions are distributed worldwide and used by more than a million end users.

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