ASNA is proud to announce ASNA Wings™ 5.2. Wings revolutionizes the process of modernizing IBM i RPG character-based user interfaces with a browser-based alternative. Because Wings uses IBM’s Open Access RPG Edition to enable the modernization of the user interface portions of native RPG programs, all program logic and database access remain hosted on the IBM i.

Wings 5.2 introduces improvements such as:

  • Important features for bulk modernization. Wings has always been great at application modernization at the program and departmental level. Now, with Wings 5.2, enterprise-level application modernization can be easily achieved. A new facility, called “Flight Plans,” facilitates bulk display file modernizations. Flight Plan features include analysis of programs and display file usage, the ability to organize and manage the modernization process, and the automation of RPG source modifications necessary for use with IBM’s Open Access. Flight Plans are especially handy for those needing to modernize hundreds, or even thousands, of display files.
  • Additional RPG/DDS fidelity. Wings 5.2 provides improved fidelity with the RPG/DDS runtime model of the IBM i. These improvements include improved device-specific feedback area handling and support for such display file DDS keywords as SFLIN, CNTFLD, BLANKS, and ER support for the CHECK keyword.
  • Enhanced ASNA Emulator. Wings 5.2 provides the browser-based ASNA emulator with new features including mandatory programs and menus support and the ability to designate a prefix for the device name used by the host i5 job. Subfiles also get improved mouse and scroll bar support.

Says ASNA US President, Anne Ferguson, “Customer response to Wings has been terrific worldwide. Our customers are demanding a product to rationally, effectively, and affordably improve an RPG application’s UI; and they get that with Wings. Wings is a superb alternative to traditional screen scraper-type solutions. Its 5.2 features, which include an application modernization workflow for enterprise shops as well as its improvements to both its RPG/DDS runtime fidelity and the ASNA browser-based emulator, will resonate with many Wings customers.”

Ferguson continues, “To further underscore the importance of Wings and IBM Rational Open Access for RPG, we at ASNA are also pleased to see that IBM has recently announced that Open Access will no longer be a chargeable product. Removing the fee for Open Access removes a potential customer barrier that is very good for the IBM i platform. Great job, IBM!”

ASNA Wings 5.2 is available now.

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