ASNA announces Synon Escape, the latest member of its family of IBM i RPG application migration suites. ASNA’s flagship migration/analytical suite, Monarch, migrates IBM i RPG applications a line at a time. That works fine for hand-built RPG applications but doesn’t work so well when the RPG is generated by tools such as Synon.

Synon- or COOL:2E-generated applications are verbose and repetitive with a dependence on an abstracted application model and a custom runtime. All application creation and further maintenance is driven from the abstract model, not from the RPG these tools generate. In fact, the RPG they generate is intended for compiler purposes only; it doesn’t have meaningful field names and is all but impossible to read and maintain.

ASNA Synon Escape addresses these challenges by exploiting the model and rationalizing the custom runtime to provide a readable, maintainable C# version of the application. Synon Escape frees IBM i shops from enterprise dependence on the Synon Model and persists the new version of the application naturally in C#. All of the application’s dependencies on the original Synon/COOL:2E runtime and Model are persisted with high fidelity and reliability. To further work with the generated application, C# coders won’t need knowledge of Synon/COOL:2E or its Model.

Synon/COOL:2E applications rarely live in a vacuum on the IBM i machine, they interact with other applications written in RPG and CL. Synon Escape and Monarch migrated application continue to have the same symbiotic relationship they enjoyed on the IBM i.

Says Carlos Valero, CEO and President of ASNA, “Synon Escape provides an exciting opportunity for IBM i shops otherwise locked into Synon/COOL:2E. No other product provides the high degree of rational source code persistence from Synon-generated code. With Synon Escape, you don’t just get a read-only migrated version of your application, but you get a maintainable, viable source code asset for the future.”

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In its fourth decade as a market leader and innovator for IBM midrange systems, ASNA provides comprehensive and flexible solutions for modernizing IBM i applications to the Microsoft .NET platform.

ASNA enables companies to integrate and extend their RPG green screen solutions to .NET, the Web and Mobile, while preserving investments in IT and human resources. Our solutions are distributed worldwide and used by more than a million end users.

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