Mobile RPG makes every RPG programmer a mobile programmer!

There is a substantial demand for IBM i mobile applications. To fulfill this need, ASNA Mobile RPG empowers RPG programmers to create new mobile applications using their traditional programming skills and tools. Mobile RPG distills the technologies needed to create great mobile applications into a simple RPG model that requires no steep learning curves, no hassles, and no tradeoffs.

ASNA Presents 2012 ASNApalooza Developer Conference

ASNA is proud to have recently held its 2012 ASNApalooza Developer Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Hosted at the El Tropicano Hotel in downtown San Antonio, ASNApalooza was attended by developers from North America, Central America and Europe!

ASNA Releases Wings 5.2

ASNA is proud to announce ASNA Wings™ 5.2. Wings revolutionizes the process of modernizing IBM i RPG character-based user interfaces with a browser-based alternative. Because Wings uses IBM’s Open Access RPG Edition to enable the modernization of the user interface portions of native RPG programs, all program logic and database access remain hosted on the IBM i.

ASNA Announces its “No Stinkin’ Screen Scrapers Here” Tour

ASNA is proud to announce the first two cities in its “No Stinkin’ Screen Scrapers Here” 2012 US tour. The first two free hands-on workshops will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada on February 9th and 24th, respectively. These workshops are the natural follow-on to ASNA’s previous tour of half-day Wings presentations around the country. Those presentations were very well received, but we heard attendee feedback loud and clear: you want to touch Wings; you want to use it! That’s what you’ll do in these workshops.

ASNA Celebrates 30 Years Serving the IBM Midrange Community

ASNA is proud to announce its 30th anniversary in December 2011. For 30 years, ASNA has made its customers successful with its innovative, award-winning, and patented software solutions for IBM Midrange and Microsoft products. Through the years, ASNA has transitioned and reinvented itself continually to provide leading technologies for its customers’ ever-changing requirements. In its early days, ASNA’s flagship products for the System/34 and System/36 were Acceler8, for improved performance, and 400RPG, to provide RPG III-like power to RPG II. The company moved onto the AS/400 (IBM i) in 1988 with Activ8, the performance booster, and Extermin8, the AS/400′s first interactive source level debugger.

ASNA Announces the 11th U.S. ASNApalooza

ASNA is proud to announce its 11th ASNApalooza developer conference in San Antonio, Texas. ASNApalooza 11 will be held at the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel on April 23 and 24th, 2012. As usual ASNApalooza will be packed full of technical sessions. There will be plenty of networking possibilities for attendees and plenty of time to spend with the ASNA development team. ASNApalooza will also feature a keynote luncheon, a cocktail reception, great door prizes and great learning opportunities.