ASNA Wings Half-Day Workshops in Raleigh/Durham and Cincinnati

ASNA is proud to announce two free ASNA Wings half-day workshops in Raleigh/Durham and Cincinnati on September 28th and 29th, respectively. In these workshops ASNA’s Roger Pence will show how to use ASNA Wings to modernize RPG green-screen user interfaces. These workshops follow two previous, very successful, half-day workshops in Chicago and New York City last May. ASNA Wings is a revolutionary new product that modernizes IBM i – RPG character-based user interfaces. Wings is a member of the ASNA Monarch family of RPG modernization products. Using IBM’s Open Access RPG Edition, all RPG programming logic and file IO remains on the IBM i. ASNA Wings converts green screens into browser-based replacements.

Official Rational Open Access for RPG Edition Reseller

ASNA international is proud to announce that it is now an official reseller of IBM’s Rational Open Access RPG Edition. By reselling Open Access, ASNA makes it much easier for customers to acquire the product. Open Access, which was released by IBM in the spring of 2010, is perhaps the most fundamental change that IBM has made to the IBM i platform since it was introduced. Open Access provides an i5 API that enables ILE RPG programs to redirect file IO to third-party “handlers.” Since February of 2011, ASNA has been shipping its Open Access-based product ASNA Wings. Wings provides a browser-based alternative to the IBM i’s traditional character-based green-screen user interface. With Wings and Open Access, the ILE RPG logic and file IO remains on the IBM i but you get the benefits of a dramatically improved user interface. Wings lets you selectively modernize your display files; the display files you choose not to modernize are rendered with the ASNA 5250 emulator which is built into Wings.

ASNA Presents Half-Day Wings Workshops in Chicago and NYC

ASNA presents two free ASNA Wings half-day workshops in Chicago and New York City on May 18th and 19th, 2011, respectively. In these workshops ASNA’s Roger Pence will show how to use ASNA Wings to modernize RPG green-screen user interfaces.

Wings Now Shipping

ASNA proudly announces the availability of ASNA Wings™. Wings is ASNA’s latest System i application modernization product. Using IBM’s Rational Open Access RPG Edition, Wings lets you modernize green screen user interfaces while keeping all program logic and file IO on the System i. IBM’s Open Access RPG Edition provides a programming API that lets ILE programs read and write file output from and to specified “handlers.” ASNA Wings provides a display file handler to redirect display file output to modernized browser-based alternatives.

ASNA Management Acquire Company in Buyout

The management of ASNA International (Barcelona, Spain) and ASNA Inc (San Antonio, Texas) announce completion of the acquisition of 100 percent ownership of both companies from BluePhoenix Solutions (NASDAX: BPHX – Tel Aviv, Israel). The acquisition promises to continue ASNA’s 28-year reputation for quality products and adds strength and capacity to ASNA’s services and customer support. The new company combines ASNA’s USA-based operations with ASNA International’s European-based sales and services. Headquarters offices will be located in Barcelona, Spain, for European operations, and in San Antonio, Texas for its research and development, sales and support facilities.

ASNA Presents 10th ASNApalooza Developer Conference

ASNA is proud to have recently held its 10thASNApalooza Developer Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Hosted at the Westin Riverwalk Hotel in downtown San Antonio, ASNApalooza was attended by developers from all over the US, Canada, and Honduras. This Palooza was the second of two for ASNA this year. This spring ASNA held the first-ever ASNApalooza in Barcelona, Spain for its European customers (who, in the past, have attended Palooza in the US). “Palooza was, once again, a huge success for us.” says ASNA’s Vice President of Technology, Eduardo Ross. “It was great to reconnect with the many customers and ISVs who attended.”