Edge is dead, Zed

Microsoft Edge, the basket into which MS put all of its browser eggs, is now slated for "endangered species" status. In early December, several news organizations posted articles about an upcoming MS announcement that MS is moving to a Chromium-based browser for Windows 10.

Making .NET's command line available inside Visual Studio

The .NET command line is probably not used very frequently by AVR for .NET coders. But for those needing to achieve AVR for .NET to AVR Classic interoperability, it's a necessity. This article shows how to configure Visual Studio for easy .NET command line access.

Google Chrome calls out insecure sites

Effective with Chrome version 68 (which is probably out by the time you read this), sites not using HTTPS are branded as "Not secure."

Finding ASNA Visual RPG programmers

We occasionally get questions about how to find ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) programmers. This article provides a little guidance on how to find AVR coders.

How to easily generate IBM i test data

Generating test data is an important task for new application development projects. This article shows how to use Mockaroo and SQL on the IBM i to do that.

How to center an image in a Web page

Centering an image (or any other element) has always been troubling in HTML, generally requiring off-by-one CSS hacks. This article shows how to do it gracefully with CSS Flex.