A few more productivity/knowledge enhancers

Here are three interesting productivity/knowledge enhancers to help your get your daily work done efficiently.

Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 critical update alert

There is an upcoming Windows 7 update and if it is not applied Windows 7 PCs (and Windows 2008 Servers) are not able to receive critical Windows updates. These are critical updates; make sure your PC administrator is aware of them!

Edge is dead, Zed

Microsoft Edge, the basket into which MS put all of its browser eggs, is now slated for "endangered species" status. In early December, several news organizations posted articles about an upcoming MS announcement that MS is moving to a Chromium-based browser for Windows 10.

Creating an enterprise mobile app with ASNA Mobile RPG

This article takes you on a quick tour of an enterprise mobile app created with ASNA Mobile RPG. It shows how easy and fast it can be to create a mobile app to run on a smartphone or tablet. Screen shots from both smart phones and tablets are included, but all of the panels displayed are available on both smartphones and tablets. A deep-dive how-to approach isn’t taken here; rather, this article is intended to show how a mobile app with a measure of sophistication can be created with ASNA Mobile RPG. If you’re not familiar with Mobile RPG, you might want to look at this article in this newsletter first. You can also read more about ASNA Mobile RPG on our Website.

Making .NET's command line available inside Visual Studio

The .NET command line is probably not used very frequently by AVR for .NET coders. But for those needing to achieve AVR for .NET to AVR Classic interoperability, it's a necessity. This article shows how to configure Visual Studio for easy .NET command line access.

Google Chrome calls out insecure sites

Effective with Chrome version 68 (which is probably out by the time you read this), sites not using HTTPS are branded as "Not secure."