Mobile computing comes of age in the IBM i enterprise

Smartphone sales are rapidly outpacing PCs. Android devices alone grow at more than 1.3 million activations per day. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt predicts that by the end of 2013 there will one billion Android devices deployed. And that is just Android! In this ASNA white paper we’ll take a look at the business case for mobile computing with the IBM i. We’ll look at its payoffs, the risks, and what challenges it provides. We’ll also introduce ASNA Mobile RPG™—a new product that resolves your IBM i mobile application programming challenges.

Mobile Computing and the IBM i

Mobile computing is rapidly maturing into a solid platform for delivering enterprise applications. This ASNA whitepaper takes a look at mobile computing for the IBM i. It discusses the different ways mobile applications may be used within the enterprise and how ASNA products solves the challenges mobile presents.

ASNA Wings White Paper

ASNA’s staged application modernization/migration strategy offers the graceful middle ground you’ve been looking for. You can use ASNA Wings to quickly get an affordable, easily improved user interface for your RPG programs. Then later, when or if, you need to migrate your RPG application portfolio off of the IBM i, you can do so with ASNA Monarch and reuse 100% of the investment you made with Wings to improve the user interface. Staged application modernization/migration with ASNA Wings and ASNA Monarch makes it easy for you to get improved user interface results quickly, but also be able to answer to the CFO that your investment in an improved UI is protected should the day come when you need to sunset the IBM i and move your RPG application portfolio to a platform such as .NET. This document explains the details of ASNA’s staged application modernization/migration strategy and what it can do for you.

The IBM i Challenge White Paper

IBM i (formerly known as System I, i5, iSeries, AS/400, and Application System/400) is a midrange platform produced by IBM. In the ’90s the AS/400 platform became one of IBM’s greatest success stories. A symbiotic relationship between platforms, vendors, and independent software vendors (ISVs) proved to be a critical success factor for both the platform and the application providers. The value propositions of the IBM i platform and the advantage over alternatives, led many enterprises and ISVs to develop vertical applications based on IBM i. Thousands of enterprises and ISVs put their trust and future in this environment. This was the golden age of the platform, and new vertical solutions were created one after the other.