A guide to using CSS custom properties

CSS custom properties are essentially variables you can declare in your CSS. They can dramatically reduce redundancy and increase flexibility in your CSS files. Except for IE 11, all of the major browsers now fully support CSS custom properties. Let's take a closer look.

Configure Windows Defender for AVR Web development

The Windows Defender's feature called "Controlled folder access" can cause problems trying to create Web sites with ASNA Visual RPG and Visual Studio. This article shows how to resolve this issue.

Removing smart quotes and other characters from HTML input

When cutting and pasting data into Web pages, it's easy to paste smart quotes and other characters that won't later render well on IBM i green-screens. This article shows how to "cleanse" your HTML inputs before submitting them to the server.

MPL uses ASNA Wings to improve AS/400 operator productivity

Mediterranean Cleaning Products (MPL) is a 14-year-old company headquartered in in Valencia, Spain. MPL selected ASNA Wings to modernize its RPG application. Read how ASNA and Galilea IT helped them improve productivity and increase user productivity with Wings.

Current ASNA product versions - July 2018

ASNA products are refreshed on a regular basis. This page shows the current products and their release dates, as well as platform requirements.

Visual Studio 2017 and its many versions

Visual Studio 2017 is now about 15 months old and it still continues to cause the ASNA R&D team a considerable amount of grief. There have been five VS 2017 updates between May 7, 2018 and July 10, 2018. Some of the updates have introduced breaking changes to VS 2017 and its interface to third-party products. The R&D team has, to say the least, been very busy keeping up with Visual Studio 2017.