RPG: Something for everybody!

RPG has been with us for more than 47 years. Over the years it’s been written off by more than one industry pundit. However, RPG continues to keep right on chooglin’–especially  for ASNA customers. ASNA has invested heavily in RPG over the years and we are very excited about the many ways you can use RPG:

  • RPG for Web apps? Check!
  • RPG for Windows apps? Check!
  • RPG for mobile apps? What kind of RPG? ILE RPG or AVR? Doesn’t matter! We got em both! Check!
  • Better UIs for your IBM i RPG? Check!
  • Migrate IBM i RPG applications to .NET? Check!

ASNApalooza 2014 celebrates RPG, its diversity, and the many ways that ASNA empowers you to be a better RPG programmer. This will be the best Palooza ever! We’ve got a great agenda. We’ve got a great venue directly on the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk. We’ve got hands-on labs. We’ve got Eduardo Ross, Roger Pence, Tim Daniels and a new face, John Nickell, to share their knowledge and insight with you! We’ve got the greatest party room in San Antonio–with the best view of the Alamo possible! We’ve got it all!

RPG does indeed have something for everybody! And we’ll prove it you at this ASNAPalooza.

And it’s all free!

If you have active ASNA product maintenance and register before July 1, 2014:  ASNApalooza registration is $100 per attendee; but we’ll refund that $100 directly back to you on your next ASNA invoice. We’ll do that for as many guaranteed attendees as you send to Palooza.

If you don’t have active ASNA product maintenance or you register after July 1, 2014: ASNApalooza registration is $300 per attendee.

Please join us at ASNApalooza this year! Spider Murphy, Little Joe, and the Purple Gang will all be there!

After you register for Palooza you will be sent an email with the link for ASNApalooza lab registration.

Read details about ASNApalooza’s agenda.

Book your hotel room.