Eduardo Ross, ASNA Vice President of Research and Development

Eduardo Ross has served as Vice President of Research and Development for ASNA from 1990 to present–a position he’s held for 24 years. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and a Master’s degree in information systems from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and where he later served as professor of computer science prior to joining the ASNA R&D team in 1987. Eduardo jointly holds patents included in several ASNA products.

Roger Pence, ASNA Director of Marketing

Roger Pence is ASNA’s Marketing Director. Prior to joining ASNA 14 years ago, Roger was a senior technical editor for NEWS/400 and was the editor of the Windows and the AS/400 Newsletter published by The 400 Group. Roger has written hundreds of articles about the IBM i, application development, and IT management, and has also spoken extensively at conferences and seminars around the world. In addition to his many years with the IBM i platform, Roger is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer.

Tim Daniels, Migrations/Education Services Manager

Tim Daniels is ASNA’s Migration Services Manager. He has been with ASNA for more than 7 years. Tim has managed many successful software development and modernization projects for ASNA customers. He also provides training and education on ASNA products and technologies. His software development experience spans both the IBM i and Windows .NET platforms. Tim holds a bachelor of applied art and sciences degree from Texas State University and an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming from San Antonio College.

John Nickell, ASNA Full Stack Developer

John Nickell is ASNA’s Full Stack Developer. He works closely with ASNA Marketing creating and maintaining our Websites as well as being an ASNA Services/ASNA R&D Web developer. He contributes to many ASNA services projects. John is well-versed in both Windows and Linux (don’t ask him which he prefers!) and has extensive knowledge of both server-side and client-side technologies. John’s specialties include PHP, AVR, C#, JavaScript, CSS and a wide range of application lifecycle methodologies and products. He is also a contributor to several open source projects.