Carlos Valero, CEO of ASNA

Carlos Valero has been the ASNA International CEO since June 2009 and in December 2010 became CEO/President for ASNA, Inc. Carlos started working with the IBM midrange using Synon among other RPG products in the mid-80s. In 1997 he became the ASNA distributor in Spain, which provided him with much experience marketing and supporting ASNA products and services. In the recent years, his primary focus has been on IBM i modernization and migration. Carlos has a master’s degree and a postgraduate degree in Management of IT from the UOC University and UPC University.

Jordi Marin, ASNA Chief Operations Officer

A long-time ASNA customer, Jordi Marin joined ASNA in 2014. His responsibilities include the definition and refining of ASNA’s international expansion strategy, managing its worldwide distributor and reseller channels, and guiding its international development team. Jordi holds an IT Degree for the UPC in Spain, a Telecommunication Master for the ICT in Barcelona, and a BBA for the Insead Business School in Paris. He has broad CEO experience and has worked in IT with many computing platforms.

Eduardo Ross, ASNA Vice President of Research and Development

Eduardo Ross has spent more than 30 years as leading ASNA research and development. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in information systems from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and where he served as professor of computer science prior to joining the ASNA R and D team in 1987. Ross jointly holds patents included in several ASNA products.

Roger Pence, ASNA Product Specialist/Marketing Director

Roger has been a developer for many years. He joined ASNA in 2000 and has taught Web development to hundreds of ASNA customers over the years. His other responsibilities include creating technical and educational, materials, ASNA marketing content, curator of, and he serves as a technical liaison for the ASNA sales team. He has written and spoken extensively about the IBM midrange over the years. Prior to joining ASNA Roger was a senior technical editor for NEWS/400 magazine and wrote an IBM midrange newsletter.

José María Carrasco, ASNA Sales Manager for Europe

José María joined ASNA in 2013. He has a master’s degree in marketing and sales from the Universidad Pontificia of Comillas and Fundesem Business School. He has more than 25 years of professional experience and has worked as business manager in various industries. Prior to joining ASNA he worked as a manager of sales and marketing at Cima Informática de Gestión S.L. (ASNA Partner) and at Pandora Global System S.L, Company.

Phillip Hinojosa, ASNA Sales Manager for the Americas

Phillip has 30 years of IT sales experience and began his software sales career with ASNA in 1996 (leading North American sales through 2009). He recently returned to ASNA in 2016 after spending seven years helping triple the sales for a leather manufacturing company in Texas. Phillip oversees US sales and specializes in enterprise IBM i modernization for companies of all sizes.  

Francesco Dugar, ASNA Senior Enterprise Account Executive for Italy

After early experience with the IBM S/34 and being an IT Executive for a large Italian firm, in 1986 Francesco founded his first software company and also an authorized IBM Agent for IBM S/36 machines. In 1989, he installed one of the first AS/400 systems in Italy and became an application partner for the IBM ACG packages. In 1998, Francesco was appointed ASNA’s Italian distributor and has since focused on ASNA sales and services in Italy.