This class is aimed at beginner-to-intermediate programmers. It covers using AVR for .NET to create browser-based programs for deployment to either the Web or your local intranet. This class assumes that students know RPG but no knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) is assumed—the class otherwise starts from scratch. However, any experience that you have with Visual Studio in VB.NET or C#, or experience with the IBM Rational Developer products or even Eclipse, will be very helpful. After attending this class you’ll have the knowledge it takes to start building browser-based applications with ASNA Visual RPG.

What this class typically covers

This classes teaches how to create browser-based applications with ASNA Visual RPG. These applications can be deployed to either the Internet or your local intranet. The class covers all you need to know to create interactive applications that provide secure, effective, and fast read/write database access to the IBM i or SQL Server platforms. The topics this class covers can include:

  • The basics of Visual Studio
  • How ASP.NET Web forms work
  • The basics of HTML and JavaScript
  • Preserving program state in the otherwise stateless environment of the browser
  • Understanding AVR’s RPG syntax
  • How to read and write information from and to your database
  • Best practices for building a paged “subfile-like” grid of data
  • How to manage record locking in a browser-based application
  • Ensuring that only authenticated users are able to use your AVR browser-based applications
  • Using CSS to control page layout and cosmetics
  • Best practices for debugging and deploying AVR browser-based applications

Class logistics

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