ASNA Visual RPGAudience: Programmers and implementers

Technical level: Provides an in-depth technical look at ASNA Visual RPG and Visual Studio. No previous knowledge of either is assumed. 

Full session abstract:

ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) is the only compiler available for .NET. With it, you can create Windows or browser-based applications for the Internet or your intranet. You can also create WCF Web services. AVR implements RPG idioms such as externally defined data structures, indicators, externally described files, CALL/PARM and record level access operations—with a modern and powerful syntax.  AVR provides a high level of fidelity with the .NET Framework and implements all of the object oriented facilities that VB.NET and C# do.

AVR is hosted inside Microsoft’s Visual Studio, so this session also provides a look at how AVR integrates with Visual Studio facilities such as its debugger and editor. AVR connects directly to either the IBM i or MS SQL Server through ASNA DataGate. A tour of DataGate and its capabilities is also provided.

In addition to covering the technical aspects of ASNA Visual RPG, this session also digs into how AVR can help bridge the gap between your RPG and VB.NET/C# programmers. Many businesses have used AVR to reintroduce the IBM i into the enterprise as a full-fledged member of the network. Through AVR, your PC programming teams will realize that the IBM i isn’t nearly the obsolete, boring platform they once though it was!