Wings LogoAudience: Programmers and technical implementers

Technical level: Assumes general knowledge of RPG, RPG application construction, and creating user interfaces. No Web development experience is assumed.

Full session abstract: Modernizing the user interface of your IBM i applications doesn’t have to be a death march. ASNA Wings lets you quickly and easily create a modern, browser-based alternative UI. With Wings, you can modernize display files (on an as-needed basis) to instantly refresh and reinvigorate your otherwise decades-old RPG applications’ user interface.

Wings uses IBM’s Open Access so that all existing RPG logic and file IO remains resident on the IBM i platform. Wings transparently provides an alternative browser-based user interface. A terrific built-in 5250 emulator means that you don’t have to modernize all of your display files at once. You can select those that offer the most modernization payoff, and then do the others later. Any non-modernized display files use the built-in emulator.

Wings isn’t a screen scraper—it’s way more powerful and does a lot more than simply capturing the 5250 data stream. Wings provides semantic access to all display file data (including indicators) at the presentation layer. This data can be used to further customize and enhance the browser-based user interface.

This session digs into the low-level details of how Wings works in a hands-on fashion—an RPG program is modernized, live, during this session. This session also covers techniques for further enhancing the cosmetics and functionality of the new user interface.