Common Sense IBM i UI Modernization

- [CDT]
English (US) English (UK)

Modernizing your IBM i should be done with iterative steps that produce results quickly. ASNA Wings does just by adding functionality and an improved UI quickly and easily to your existing RPG applications! **Audience:** Programmers and technical decision makers **Technical level:** Assumes general knowledge of RPG, RPG application construction, and creating user interfaces. No Web development experience is assumed. **Summary:** Modernizing the user interface of your IBM i applications doesn’t have to be a death march. ASNA Wings lets you quickly and easily create a modern, browser-based alternative UI. This session shows how to use Wings to refresh and reinvigorate your RPG applications’ user interface. A live demonstration of Wings is provided in this session. The demonstration shows how, in minutes, to provide a modern browser-based UI for your existing RPG applications.

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