ASNA Monarch LogoAudience: C-level decision makers

Technical level: Covers concepts and high-level technical aspects for decision makers.

Full session abstract:

ASNA Monarch is a comprehensive IBM i RPG application migration platform. This session provides an overview of ASNA’s approach to application migration with Monarch. Details are provided on Monarch’s two primary components that provide:

  • The analytical tools necessary to investigate and map your IBM i RPG application. This Monarch facility provides the detailed information needed to perform a successful application migration.
  • The facilities necessary to migrate your RPG, CL and DDS to the .NET platform. The presentation provides some before-and-after details of an application converted to .NET.

ASNA Monarch can target either ASNA Visual RPG or C# as the target language of the migration effort. This session discusses the considerations for each target language. In addition to discussing the technical aspects of application migration, this session also discusses how ASNA’s services team can work with your development team to ensure a successful migration project.

If you have need, or are just thinking about the possibilities, of migrating your IBM i RPG applications to .NET, this session provides the foundation you need to understand the considerations, the concerns, and what the end result might look like.