Mobile RPG LogoAudience: Programmers needing to create mobile applications (targeting smartphones and tablets) for their IBM i. While this session does dig into some technical details, most of it would also be valuable for IT decision makers.

Technical level: For implementers, this session assumes at least conversational RPG programming knowledge. However, IT decision makers with only a conversational knowledge of RPG will get some strategic decision-making value from this session.

Full session abstract: Here is a stunning fact to ponder: It only took Apple four years to sell 145 million iPhones—yet it took Apple 28 years to sell 122 million Macs! iPhone sales exceeded Mac sales in 1/7th of the time!

There is clearly a staggering demand for mobile computing. Today’s consumers take their pocket computers for granted. Phone calls, pictures, mail, maps and directions, text messaging, menus, news, and games, to name just a few, are available, on demand from a singular portable device. It’s only natural that at some point this convenience would reach enterprise computing generally and the IBM i specifically.

The challenge for most IBM i businesses is that most RPG programming teams don’t have the specialized skills or experience required to create great mobile applications that use your IBM i enterprise data. That’s where ASNA’s Mobile RPG (MR) comes in. MR provides a drag-and-drop design surface for creating a mobile UI and then, at runtime, links that UI with new ILE RPG programs that your RPG team creates. That’s right, with ASNA Mobile RPG’s help, your RPG team uses plain ol’ ILE RPG to create great mobile applications.

This 60-minute session digs into the details of ASNA Mobile RPG and shows you the clever tricks it uses to let your ILE RPG programmers create great mobile apps with the language they already know and love. After a short PowerPoint explaining some of the details of Mobile RPG, a hands-on demonstration of creating a working Mobile RPG application is presented.