ASNA DataGate WebPak comprises several ASNA runtime components and libraries. It is used extensively by Monarch, ASNA Visual RPG, Wings, and Mobile RPG when deploying Web apps to IIS on a Microsoft Windows Web server. 

When deploying any of these applications for production, the Windows Web server needs to have ASNA DataGate WebPak (WebPak) installed on it. WebPak is distributed as a packaged self-extracting zip file that when run it executes a setup wizard (Asna.Setup.exe). The wizard guides the user into installing a number of components. The WebPak installation package consists of the following component (MSIs):

Component Installed Required?
ASNA Framework asnafx.msi Yes
ASNA Services asnaservices.msi Yes
AVR Compiler avrcompiler.msi Yes
AVR Compiler (64-bit) avrcompiler64.msi Yes
DataGate Print Controls printcontrols.msi Yes
DataGate Monitor dgmonitor.msi No
DataGate Monitor (64-bit) dgmonitor64.msi No
DataGate Server dgserver.msi No
DataGate Server (64-bit) dgserver64.msi No
DataGate Studio dgstudio.msi No

Required Components

ASNA Framework

The ASNA Framework includes a set of runtime library assemblies (.dll) providing execution support for Monarch applications, these include the client side of database access, ASP.NET web controls. This framework also provides a Windows program binary (an .exe) that, in a Monarch context, renders a ‘printed’ output to a Windows printer.

ASNA Services

The Services components includes an Windows program binary (an .exe) that provides support for installing a license key and two Windows Services used in license validation and DataGate Servers database signon. 

AVR Compiler

This component is the ASNA Visual RPG Compiler (.exe) used for Monarch applications written in Visual RPG instead of C#.

DataGate Print Controls

This component contains a single library assembly (.dll) providing support for drawing a printed report contents.

Optional Components

DataGate Monitor

The DataGate Monitor is a Microsoft Management Console Snap-in that can be used to view and control running DataGate processes.

DataGate Server

DataGate Server is a Windows Service providing the server-side support to Monarch Applications. This component should be installed on the same machine as MS SQL Server.

DataGate Studio

The DG Studio is a Microsoft Visual Studio Extension used by developers to manage database schemas and test data.