ASNA’s Services Team has application migration specialists who can help you migrate your legacy application to Microsoft .NET. We typically do two kinds of application migration projects:

  • Migrating IBM i RPG applications to .NET. Migration projects are performed using ASNA Monarch, our application migration suite. The result is a browser-based .NET application in either ASNA Visual RPG or Microsoft C#. Our specialized automated tools migrate about 95% of the code automatically, leaving only about 5% that needs further remediation.
Migrating IBM i RPG applications to .NET
  • Migrating ASNA Visual RPG applications to .NET. Upgrade projects are performed using the ASNA.NET Upgrade Assistant. The target is typically a Windows application in ASNA Visual RPG. However, our Services Team also has the ability to convert your ASNA Visual RPG Classic Windows application to ASP.NET as well.
Migrating ASNA Visual RPG applications to .NET

The two above-mentioned application migration types have many differences (such as in the analytical work and the mechanics of the migration) they both have two very important commonalities:

Successful migration projects are collaborative efforts with you and our Services Team. We’ve been doing application migrations for many years now and have learned that the most successful migration projects are those that use team member resources most effectively. Our migration team has years of hard-won experience migrating code and your application development has years of hard-won experience working with your application. In short, we understand the application migration process, you understand the application domain in general (how the application should perform and the models and idioms it uses).

It’s usually a waste of resources to expect our team to take the time to learn the nuances of your application just as it’s a waste of resources to expect your team to become experts in the nuances of application migration. But together, our Services Team and your application development can do great things!

Successful migration projects require solid upfront analysis and design.There is an old application development cartoon that shows a man running down a hallway, holding a piece of paper. He is looking over his shoulder saying, “You guys start coding and I’ll go get the specs!” This is exactly the scenario we avoid when we do application migration projects here at ASNA.

To ensure project success, it’s very important that we fully understand the mechanics of your application and your expectations for the migrated version. We need to identify how the application works, what its parts are, and how the migrated application should look after it’s been migrated. We define this process by performing an application Global Assessment before we migrate the first line of code.

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