Application migration is a challenging task. It takes specialized skills, superb tools, and excellent project management to be successful. The importance of the last one, “project management,” should not be understated. Our application migration experience has taught us that excellent project management is just as important as skills and tools.

Before ASNA ever migrates that first line of code, we perform a Global Assessment on the application to be migrated. The result of this Global Assessment is a substantial document that guides virtually all aspects of the application migration/modernization project. One of the things this document does is provide a single version of the truth about the application—thereby removing all subject assumptions about the application and replacing them with subjective facts. The Global Assessment provides important information for two primary groups:

For CIOs, company management, and project stakeholders the Global Assessment establishes project scope and defines the requirements of the migrated application. This information can then be used by decision makers to help quantify the ROI that the migrated application will achieve as well as helping you clearly define expectations.

For ASNA the Global Assessment provides a detailed analysis of the original application to be migrated. When performing a Global Assessment, our Services Team digs deep into your existing application (the source application for migration or modernization) to expose its architecture and its dependencies. The output from this deep dive into your application provides the road map needed for a successful application migration. It includes information such as:

  • A map of all IT assets used by the application. This includes information such as a program object inventory, locating necessary source code, mapping object dependencies, and identifying obsolete or out of date objects.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of external environmental resources in use such as operating systems used, third-party utilities, communications, security, workflow management, menuing systems, and details about the CL in use.
  • Database analysis including uses and used-by dependency information.

This comprehensive application assessment provides the foundation on which application requirements, time and investment budgets, project milestone delivery dates, and all other critical application migration metrics are established. Global Assessment documents are also used to create the formal Statement of Work for application migration projects.

IBM i RPG application migration Global Assessments

For IBM i RPG application migrations, most of the source data for the Global Assessment is collected directly from your IBM i RPG application with ASNA Monarch. (Note that Monarch only reads this information from your application libraries, it doesn’t change anything in your application). It provides sophisticated tools that automate the collection of most relevant application statistics. Monarch reaches deep into your IBM i RPG application to expose its architecture and its dependencies. While Monarch offers the tools to collect the data needed for this report, our Services Team provides the in-depth knowledge required to transform this data into usable information. The Global Assessment reflects and summarizes the data that ASNA Monarch collected.

ASNA Visual RPG Classic application migration Global Assessments

For ASNA Visual RPG Classic migration project Global Assessments, we use a variety of proprietary diagnostic tools to interrogate the original application as well as perform a thorough manual investigation of the application and its source code. As is the case with IBM i RPG application migrations, these tools only read your ASNA Visual RPG Classic application, they don’t change it. Armed with the information from this investigation, our Services Team then prepares the project’s Global Assessment.