ASNA products can migrate an
IBM i RPG application to .NET  

One of the great things that IBM has done for the IBM i community is to provide, and refresh on a recurring basis, its ten-year roadmap for the future of the IBM i. Not only does this IBM i roadmap provide good planning information for IBM i shops, but it also instills customer confidence in the IBM i platform. Most ASNA customers are quite devout IBM i fans and most have no plans whatsoever to replace the IBM i platform.

Migrate to .NET and keep your IBM i? You bet.

Many very loyal IBM i users also understand that the value and capabilities are nearly unlimited when the IBM i platform is coupled with the Windows enterprise platform. ASNA Monarch migrates enterprise IBM i RPG applications to .NET (targeting Microsoft C# or ASNA Visual RPG). It may come as a surprise, but most of ASNA Monarch customers migrate their RPG enterprise to .NET and want to continue using the IBM i as the database server. Monarch does that just fine. They do this because they want to extend and enhance the RPG logic but do so using a .NET language and the rich application development features that .NET offers. Once you understand this, you can appreciate that the word "migration‚" as it relates to .NET and RPG doesn't necessarily imply saying, "Good-bye" to the IBM i.  Read this case study to see how a business strengthened the capabilities of its IBM i by using ASNA Monarch to migrate its RPG to .NET.

Migrate to .NET to sunset your IBM i? Some do. 

On the other hand, there are some businesses who want to sunset the IBM i and centralize their organization's enterprise computing around the Windows platform. In this case, ASNA Monarch migrates the RPG application to .NET and the IBM i DB2 database to Microsoft SQL Server. The original RPG application is migrated to the .NET platform as either an ASNA Visual RPG or Microsoft C# browser-based application. Once migrated, the IBM i is unplugged. 

Either group can be happy with Monarch!

Regardless of what migration strategy, ASNA's IBM i modernization products can help. ASNA Wings and ASNA DataGate work in concert with ASNA Monarch to help you craft a rational, incremental migration plan. If your team lacks the time or some of the skills this project requires, the ASNA Services Team can help with any or all aspects of the project. Whether you are blue-to-the-bone loyalist or want the IBM i gone tomorrow morning, ASNA products and services provide an application migration path that works for you.

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